It can keep you from getting the sickness or assist keep your signs delicate when you do come down with it. Pain drugs similar to acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen would possibly ease a fever and physique aches.


Rest and hydration are also beneficial for folks with the flu. Much like the widespread cold, the flu simply needs time to work its way through your body. COVID-19 vs. Flu vs. Cold When you are feeling sick, it may be troublesome to tell apart the signs of a COVID-19 an infection from the signs of the frequent chilly or the flu (influenza).

About influenza

In most cases, the chook flu has not passed from one individual to another, and so, it may not turn into widespread in people. Scientists are engaged on new vaccines that can assist shield folks from fowl flu. Right now, having seasonal flu does not build your body’s safety in opposition to bird flu. If you get the flu, there are issues you can do to feel better. First, name your doctor to see if there are medicines that can assist.


Remind her or him if you’re taking drugs to struggle most cancers or other medicines that make it hard for your physique to struggle illness. There are prescription drugs, known as antivirals, which might be used to deal with individuals with the flu. If you take them inside 48 hours after the flu begins, these medicine could make you feel better more rapidly. They are sometimes prescribed that can assist you get over a secondary an infection whether it is caused by micro organism. Taking flu medication early within the virus’ cycle may assist scale back severity of illness and shorten the time that you’re sick.

  • million deaths), Asian influenza in 1957 (two million deaths), and Hong Kong influenza in 1968 (one million deaths).
  • If you’ve high blood pressure, an irregular coronary heart rhythm, or coronary heart disease, speak to your doctor earlier than you use a decongestant.
  • These are solely a number of the causes — there are many more.
  • People who have previously had an allergic reaction to a vaccine shouldn’t have the flu shot.
  • Check with a doctor if you are uncertain in case you are a higher-threat individual.

There are at least 16 known H subtypes and 9 recognized N subtypes. When unfold by droplets or direct contact, the virus, if not killed by the host’s immune system, replicates within the respiratory tract and damages host cells. Both pneumonia sorts, viral and bacterial, could cause extreme illness and typically demise. The vaccine helps your body to acknowledge influenza and battle it. Because the virus modifications from year to yr, you want a new vaccine earlier than the beginning of each flu season in the fall.


Flu is more widespread in winter because folks spend more time in close contact with one another, so the virus spreads more simply. It’s an excellent-contagious virus that may make you feel depressing. Its symptoms are normally extra serious than the sneezes and stuffy nostril that you simply tend to get from a common chilly.

The solely time they might help is when you also get a bacterial infection such as sinusitis, bacterial pneumonia, or an ear an infection. You can catch it when somebody who has it sneezes or coughs, sending virus-stuffed droplets into the air that you just breathe in. You can also get it should you contact somewhere that the virus landed and then contact your mouth, nostril, or eyes.

Ask your physician which if any of these medicines may be best for you. Keep in thoughts that antibiotics don’t deal with a virus just like the flu.

Flu: Comes on Fast and Furious

While fever is frequent with the flu and COVID-19, sneezing is often solely related to colds. Though sore throats are typical with colds, they’re unusual with COVID-19 infections and the flu. Type A viruses are divided into subtypes or strains primarily based on differences in two viral surface proteins called the hemagglutinin (H) and the neuraminidase (N).