Rambling Rose
Character: Rose
Created by: Calder Willingham
Directed by: Martha Coolidge
Written by: Calder Willingham
Produced by: Renny Harlin
Other cast: Robert Duvall, Diane Ladd, Lukas Haas
Release date: September 10, 1991
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1h 52min

During the Great Depression, a Southern family hires the domestic services of Rose, a damaged woman who hopes to avoid prostitution as a way of life. While in the employ of the household, Rose begins to develop feelings for the father of the family, who must continually rebuff her unwanted sexual advances. Meanwhile, Rose also develops a relationship with the 13-year-old son, Buddy. Eventually the father begins to reach the limits of his tolerance.


→ Innocence has never been so seductive.


Laura Dern and Diane Ladd’s Oscar nominations mark the first time a mother and daughter ever received such an accolade for appearing in the same film. The only other time that a parent and child received acting nominations for the same film was when Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda were both nominated for On Golden Pond (1981).

Laura Dern dated producer Renny Harlin for a time after wrapping this film.


I am only a human girl person!

Buddy: Curiosity killed the cat.
Rose: It’s satisfaction that kill it.

Sex don’t mean nothin’ Buddy. It ain’t nothin’ but a mosquito bite.


But that’s just what Laura Dern does. She changes everything after. I think it’s why our greatest living reality-shifter David Lynch can’t take his eyes off of her either – like the restless contours of that fantastic mug of hers she makes the world in her own image, not the other way around. It’s all right there. – by Jason Adams