Character: Jean Noble
Directed by: David Atkins
Written by: David Atkins
Produced by: Paul Mones, Daniel M. Rosenberg
Other cast: Steve Martin, Helena Bonham Carter, Chelcie Ross
Release date: November 16, 2001
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Running time: 1h 35min

Steve Martin is a prosperous dentist, secure in his neatly ordered existence and happily engaged to his ambitious dental hygienist. But when an alluring new patient steps into his life, this ordinary man discovers how little control he has over his world as he is drawn into a maelstrom of sex, drugs and murder. Edgy and unpredictable, "Novocaine" also stars Kevin Bacon and Scott Caan and marks the feature directorial debut of writer David Atkins.


→ Crime Is Not Only Done By Criminals.
→ Getting to the root of the problem is like pulling teeth.