Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains
Character: Jessica McNeil
Directed by: Lou Adler
Written by: Nancy Dowd
Produced by: Joe Roth
Other cast: Peter Donat, Diane Lane, Marin Kanter
Release date: October 1982
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Running time: 1h 27min

Corinne Burns is a typical frustrated teenager living in a nowhere town until she catches punk band the Looters. Bewitched by the whole punk scene, she and her fledgling band, the Stains, join the tour, and in no time at all become media magnets. The band forms a rabid following of young girls, while Corrine begins a relationship with Looters singer Billy. As the Stains get bigger and bigger, however, Corinne's ambition gets the better of her.


→ The final sequence of the film was shot and added on after initial reaction to the film was unsatisfactory. Laura Dern is noticeably taller in these shots.