Character: Susan
Created by: Neal Marlens, Carol Black
Directed by: Gil Junger
Written by: Mark Driscoll, Dava Savel, Tracy Newman, Jonathan Stark
Produced by: Ellen DeGeneres
Other cast: Ellen DeGeneres, Joely Fisher, David Anthony Higgins
Episodes: 4x22, 4x23
Original airdate: April 30, 1997
Episode title: The Puppy Episode Part 1 & 2
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Running time: 23min

Ellen senses a kindred spirit in herself when she meets an openly gay woman, named Susan, through Richard, an old boyfriend of hers, who enlightens Ellen to her own sexual identity. Confused by this startling self-discovery, Ellen seeks the guidance of yet another therapist and braces herself for yet another moment of truth of her life. // After a discussion with her therapist, Ellen decides to tell the truth about her true repressed sexual orientation to her friends by inviting them over to her apartment to break the news so she can be at peace. Meanwhile, Ellen's hopes for a relationship with Susan are dashed when she tells Ellen that she's not interested, but gives Ellen further confidence to embrace her newfound life.