Character: Janet Harduvel
Directed by: Robert Markowitz
Written by: Elizabeth Chandler
Produced by: Paul Kurta
Other cast: Robert Loggia, Vincent Spano
Release date: May 30, 1992
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1h 43min

In this fact-based film, Ted Harduvel (Vincent Spano), one of the finest pilots employed by the U.S. Air Force, is enlisted to perform test flights for a new model of the F-16 plane. When Ted dies after his jet goes down, the military's official report claims that the cause of the accident was human error. But Ted's spouse, Janet (Laura Dern), refuses to believe this, and so investigates. As Janet digs deeper into the case, a disturbing military conspiracy slowly becomes apparent.


→ The Enemy Isn’t Always On The Other Side.
→ He Risked His Life Flying An F-16 – Now She Risks It All To Fight For His Name.


I know it wasn’t Ted’s fault. I’m not coming back here until I prove it.