15 Jul 17

The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of 2008 movie Recount. In the movie, Laura plays Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State who finds herself into the spotlight of democratic strategies for a faulty voting equipment in her State, during the 2000 presidential elections. Take a look and enjoy!

13 Jul 17

Hear hear. It’s 2017 and Laura Dern just got a nomination for her role in Big Little Lies as Supporting Actress.
This is so exciting!

Thank you very much to my friend AJ to promptly scream this to me in joy as soon as she heard and Vanity Fair for reporting a full list of nominations.

Also check out the Emmy Official Website for their categories.

10 Jul 17

Diane is back on Twin Peaks new season and Laura looks always better with each episode. Take a look at HD screencaptures I added to the gallery, much thanks to my friend Luciana for helping with those.

09 Jul 17

Take a look in the gallery for HQ stills from the icon episodes of Ellen with Laura. What an amazing series that was, and what a great turning point these two episodes where into it. Enjoy!

07 Jul 17

And this covers and completes the Enlightened album category, with HD screencaptures from season 2. Take a look and enjoy!

03 Jul 17

I am slowly working on adding new/old stuff to the gallery and today I implemented it with HD screencaptures of first season of Enlightened. Take a look and enjoy!