Site Maintenance    Leave a Comment September 11, 2018

Hi everyone, as you may have noticed the site went down for a few days for a revamp. I have been procrastinating this for far too long (with the site being 1 year and half) and needed some time off to work myself on it.
As I was I thought a change of layout, which had been up for a whole year, was due and since Laura did so many marvellous shoots, including the one I used, I could not resist and worked out something.

The revamp consisted into moving the video archive into the main site script, but I wasn’t happy with just moving it all and I wanted to diversify it a little, so you may notice now in it’s new location, that the sidebar next to the content changes from the main, allowing you to browse through the archive easily.
Additionally I finally completed those pages that were waiting for me to write them down, so be sure to check the “About Laura” page and the “Career” and “Awards & Nominations” pages again.

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