February 3, 2018

The gallery has been updated with over 100 HD screencaptures from Wild, and what I can say? This movie is a very strong one, not only for Laura’s role but the whole of it, a “A ruggedly beautiful and emotionally resonant saga of perseverance and self-discovery” as Justin Chang wrote it for Variety. As a fan of Laura it certainly isn’t easy to see the character ending on this journey for her, we get attached to them, but it has been majestically played.
Enjoy the screencaptures!

Driven to the edge by the loss of her beloved mother (Laura Dern), the dissolution of her marriage and a headlong dive into self-destructive behavior, Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) makes a decision to halt her downward spiral and put her life back together again. With no outdoors experience, a heavy backpack and little else to go on but her own will, Cheryl sets out alone to hike the Pacific Crest Trail — one of the country’s longest and toughest through-trails.

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