June 20, 2017

Laura Dern has appeared in major blockbuster hits, art house darlings and on TV. But the star who can be currently seen in the new “Twin Peaks” reboot and the forthcoming Star Wars installment “The Last Jedi” says there is still one dream role she has yet to play: Madge, the sassy manicurist from those old school Palmolive commercials.

Dern sat down with Ad Age backstage at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity Sunday to discuss her take on advertising today, her favorite apps and aging gracefully in Hollywood. This interview has been slightly edited for flow and readability.

Will you get to see any of the work while you’re here?
I don’t know if I’ll be able to. But I’m learning so much just getting to talk to brands and advertisers. It’s interesting to start to figure out how you can participate in the world, especially if you have a mission statement, a goal in mind, so you start to be able to invent where it is a match that also can be purposeful, be it a product you love or a cause you love.

What’s your mission statement?
I love being an actor, but as an individual and as a woman particularly who was not only raised by actresses but is an actress, I’m very excited about the paradigm shift in America, finally, about race and wisdom and sexuality being a little more like a fine wine as opposed to something that we’re supposed to hide or run from.

Check out the full interview into our press library.

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