The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends that pregnant ladies do not smoke, as this exposes the unborn infant to nicotine, carbon monoxide, and different harmful substances. Furthermore, smoking can maintain the developing fetus from getting the nourishment they need and will increase a mother’s threat of stillbirth or untimely labor. Women gain weight throughout their bodies whereas they are pregnant. Fetal weight accounts for about 7 half kilos by the tip of pregnancy. The placenta, which nourishes the infant, weights about 1 half of pounds.

Certain factors can make a pregnancy extra risky for each baby and mom, together with the mother’s age (teenagers or girls who are considered of “advanced maternal age”), diabetes, and high blood pressure. But expectant mothers, generally, ought to take steps to protect and enhance their emotional nicely-being in addition to their bodily well being during this important time.

Pregnancy, Maternity & Parental Leave

A lady positive aspects about 4 kilos because of increased blood volume and an extra four pounds as a result of increased fluid within the body. A lady features about 7 kilos as a result of excess storage of protein, fat, and other nutrients.

  • First StageDuring the first stage, the lady’s body is working to completely open her cervix and put together for delivery.
  • This isn’t one thing that occurs solely in a certain subset of women.
  • Pregnant women can be uncovered to toxins within the office, including airborne particles.

A missed interval is often the primary sign that you may be pregnant, but how have you learnt for certain? Many ladies use home pregnancy checks to tell if they’re pregnant; however, these tests usually tend to be accurate when used at least one week after a woman’s final period. If you’re taking the take a look at less than 7 days earlier than your last menstrual period, it might offer you a false result. If the test is positive, it’s more probably that you just actually are pregnant.


Positioning and rest techniques can help women in staying considerably comfy all through this time. Some women might go for treatment, such as an epidural, which is a type of anesthesia administered via a shot in or across the backbone that numbs part of the body to block ache. The transition is the most troublesome phase of stage one as the contractions become stronger with little time to chill out in between. Women can experience nausea and really feel shaky during the transition. When the cervix reaches 10 centimeters, it is fully dilated and stage one involves an finish.

However, if the test is unfavorable, there is an increased likelihood that the test is wrong. Your doctor can do a blood test to detect pregnancy before a home pregnancy check can. If pregnant ladies who are well being care providers are concerned about their risk of publicity to COVID-19, we suggest that they discuss their concerns with their supervisor. At this time, no US pointers prohibit pregnant health care employees’ ability to look after patients.