The Pico Laser in Singapore is the 1st picosecond cosmetic laser platform in the world, and it may be used for a variety of applications. Skin rejuvenation, acne scars, pigmentation disorders, and tattoo removal are all possible applications. Photothermal activity is used in traditional rejuvenation cosmetic procedures, which provide nanosecond pulses. Pico Laser pulses are distributed using the Pico Laser, which primarily exploits photomechanical action.


To put it another way, the laser shoots and provides energy for a very brief time. It is a thousand times quicker than previous lasers. These brief bursts of energy fracture and remove undesirable pigment without harming the surrounding skin. Inducing a tissue response in the skin that results in a decrease in wrinkle-smoothing, pigmented skin lesions, acne and other scars improvement, and a rise in collagen and elastin. The skin appears brighter, softer, and younger as a result.


Benefits Of The Pico Laser Treatment:


  • There is very little downtime.
  • Aids in the rejuvenation of the skin
  • Age spots, pigmented lesions, and melasma can all be removed.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.


Who Is Eligible For Pico Laser Treatment?


The Pico Laser in Singapore has been authorized for use on every skin type, including very dark and light skin tones, and is completely safe. (Pico Laser therapy is not recommended for individuals who have light-induced seizure disorders, are pregnant, or are nursing.)


Which Areas Can Be Treated By The Pico Laser?


Pico Laser is a multifunctional device that may be used on a variety of body parts. The chest, neck, face, back, arms, and legs are all affected.


How Many Pico Laser Treatments Will I Need?


In general, many patients will need three or four treatments in a row to reach their optimum appearance. These treatments should be spaced out by at least 2 to 4 weeks, and if your skin is darker in complexion or sensitive, you may need to wait up to 8 weeks. Of course, the number of sessions you require may vary depending on the treatment goals, so you might need more or less than other individuals.


Fine Lines And Wrinkles


If wrinkles and fine lines are your major concern, you might only need two or three sessions to soften the look of these skin issues. That’s especially true if your wrinkles and fine lines are only mild concerns. Deeper or dynamic wrinkles might need further treatments. This estimation for the procedures you’ll need could also be applied in fixing skin laxity.




Pigmentation problems, like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a condition due to dark spots, sun damage, freckles, melasma, and other skin discoloration, might need 3-4 procedures to fix. If the pigmentation problems cover a bigger skin area or are serious in nature, you might require over four therapies.




Scarring indicates both acne scars and scars due to injuries. This procedure often only needs around four treatments to destroy scar tissue and lessen your scars.


Tattoo Removal


Pico Laser procedures could also be utilized to remove tattoos. Based on the particular design, pigmentation, and tattoo color, it should only need 3-5 treatments to eliminate the tattoo completely.


What Does The Pico Laser Procedure Involve?


The bigger treatment areas would be split into quadrants with the use of a white pencil. Splitting the area into quadrants lets laser energy be distributed efficiently and effectively. A subtle snapping noise would be heard while in the procedure as the laser is passed over the area being treated. Most individuals don’t need topical anesthesia. The procedure leads to mild discomfort, but the cooling air system relieves the pain. After the procedure, the doctor will apply a cooling gel and then sunscreen.


What Are The Side Effects Of Pico Laser Treatments?


Side effects could include temporary swelling and redness at the area being treated. The redness often subsides in three hours but in some instances, they might linger for a day. Usually, undesired pigmentation might slightly frost (whiten) while in the treatment and might darken over the next day before it subsides.


How Long Does Pico Laser Treatment Take? When Will I See Results?


Based on the area targeted, the procedure could take 30 to 45 minutes. Most people require numerous sessions to completely address their problems. Nevertheless, the skin could look refreshed 14 days after the procedure.


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