Most of us are not allowed to misunderstand the law, including child support. In the case of John, he was unaware of the positive laws that governed him, but his form as his father forced him to take responsibility for his son.

This misconception was reported by Shandi, 36, who works in the consumer relations department of the publishing house. “When I got divorced, I didn’t make a written agreement with her ex husband because I had doubts about Tals’ legality,” she said. According to Shendi, she took this step because it was very difficult to get to a lawyer when she was not a woman.

According to Brian L. Jackson, attorney at the Tulsa Law Office, there appear to be steps to protect the rights of children in divorce. “Divorce does not mean the end of a parent-child relationship. The responsibility for the child’s life and well-being rests with parents, at least until the child grows up,” he said.

In fact, the concept of “adult” for age in Tulsa law is not the same as before. According to child protection laws, an adult is 18 years old. However, according to the Civil Code, which refers to civil cases (including the registration of arrests and payment of alimony to other believers), it is stated that these children are 21 years old.

Brian, who has covered many divorce cases like a paternity establishment, also said the legal basis for child support is summarized in the following article.

  • If the parent is still responsible for caring for and raising the child, the court will decide in the best interest of the child only in the event of a dispute over the supervision of the child.
  • Both parents have a duty to care for and raise their children whenever possible.

The parental responsibilities referred to in paragraph 1 of this article apply until the child is married or unable to live alone. What are the obligations when two parents divorce?

So whose responsibility is it? Before answering this, you need to know the definition of having a child. The child’s parenting, parenting of the child’s views or legal rights is determined by the court in the case of a divorce by one of the parents.

“Basically, fathers and mothers have the same rights. Even if the court decides that one of them has the rights, they should not go to the other and forbid them to invite them to parties, educate and care for their children.

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