22 Nov 17

As announced a few days back, Star Wars is getting full on promotion with magazines and EW dedicated it different covers. While these are available all only at Barnes & Nobles, we’ve got our hands on Laura’s cover AND Digital HQ scans from the inside article. Take a look in the gallery!

21 Nov 17

Thanks to my friend AliKat I’ve updated the scan session with some magazines, regarding Star Wars: Last Jedi. Take a look!

20 Nov 17

Between Twin PeaksBig Little Lies, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, few people are having as big a 2017 as Laura Dern. But despite the veteran actor’s rising stock, both she and her mauve-haired character, Admiral Amilyn Holdo, have been largely under wraps in the Star Wars promotional campaign. A new spread in Entertainment Weekly pulls back the curtain on yet another off-kilter Dern character—though it still does not answer whether she belongs firmly to the dark side, or the light.

When Vanity Fair went behind the scenes of The Last Jedi earlier this year, the most intel we could gather on Dern’s character was her name and this stunning character portrait from Annie Leibovitz.

But splashed across one of four new Star Wars covers from Entertainment Weekly is this caption: “Can Poe get along with his new boss?”
That boss to Oscar Isaac’s Resistance pilot Poe Dameron is, of course, Holdo. If she’s a member of the Resistance, she has to be a good guy, right? Well, maybe. In the article accompanying the cover, we discover that while Carrie Fisher’s General Leia technically won the battle in The Force Awakens, her side is still licking its wounds from the villainous First Order’s attacks. (Remember how the Starkiller Base blew up Hosnian Prime—the home of the Galactic Senate? Imagine trying to fight an evil empire with your system of government incinerated.) So it would seem that Leia, Poe, and their team—victorious but in a weaker position—have left themselves vulnerable to some micromanagement from above. That’s where Dern’s Holdo comes in.

Read the full article in our press archive.

15 Nov 17

Take a look at Laura Dern in Last Jedi, as ELLE published a still from the movie in its latest article on Laura, she looks so gorgeous!

14 Nov 17

This article originally appears in the November 2017 issue of ELLE.

Hollywood’s dearth of “complicated” or “difficult” female characters is one of those truisms so often lamented it’s become a cliché, and yet there are a handful of actresses who make a career of finding, landing, and embodying exactly those roles. Take Laura Dern, who has been pursuing atypical, sometimes deliberately unlikable characters for decades—and making them crackle with both sex appeal and humanity onscreen.

Consider her doe-eyed temptress in Rambling Rose (1991), an almost literal blend of the Madonna-whore archetypes that Hollywood has so often fallen back on (and which earned Dern her first Oscar nom); her punk-rock Bonnie to Nicholas Cage’s Clyde in Wild at Heart (1990); her pregnant drug addict in Alexander Payne’s slapstick feminist parable Citizen Ruth (1996). Dern’s mantra has always been to seek “wild places,” she explains—to aim for that “let’s hurl ourselves off a cliff” feeling. In the process, “she elevates every project she is in,” says Reese Witherspoon, who cast Dern as the fantastically brittle Renata Klein in this year’s Emmy-favored Big Little Lies on HBO. “Her ability to create characters who have both humor and deep emotional impact is unparalleled.”

Dern’s off-kilter sensibility belies her roots as a born Hollywood insider: Her father is the Oscar-nominated actor Bruce Dern; her mother, Oscar-nominated Diane Ladd. “One of the things that most fascinates me is that she’s so down-to-earth, it’s easy to forget that Jack Nicholson was probably at her third birthday party,” says friend Cheryl Strayed, who first met Dern when the actress played Strayed’s mother in 2014’s movie adaptation of her memoir, Wild (Dern nabbed her second Oscar nod for the role). “She’s Hollywood royalty, but you’d never know she’s got a crown on her head.”

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26 Oct 17

Almost two months after Twin Peaks left us again, we’re still pondering the meaning of the show’s hauntingly surreal final act. And also pondering the meaning of all the haunting, surreal things that happened throughout the rebooted series, an 18-part odyssey which ran throughout the summer on Showtime.

The mystery will deepen: On Dec. 5, Showtime Networks, CBS Home Entertainment, and Paramount Home Media Distribution will release Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series on Blu-ray and DVD, with over six hours of special features. (Important note for completists: 80 minutes of behind-the-scenes material will only be available on the Blu-ray.)

EW is excited to exclusively share details of the home release, including a first look at the cover art and a behind-the-scenes clip (above). First, the cover. As noted below, the subtitle of the Blu-ray release is now A Limited Event Series, not The Return or The Third Season.

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