07 Jul 17

And this covers and completes the Enlightened album category, with HD screencaptures from season 2. Take a look and enjoy!

03 Jul 17

I am slowly working on adding new/old stuff to the gallery and today I implemented it with HD screencaptures of first season of Enlightened. Take a look and enjoy!

28 Jun 17

Thanks to some good friends I was able to get HQ stills of Laura’s two episodes of Twin Peaks. Not really sure if she’s going to be back anytime soon to The Return series, but so far that’s what we got and it’s amazing already! Take a look in the gallery.

24 Jun 17

The gallery has been updated with Bluray HD screencaptures of 99 Homes in which Laura played Lynn Nash. The movie received many good reviews, some more than others but overall everyone agreed it was an intense and effective drama. If you haven’t seen it yet I strongly suggest you to, and in the meantime enjoy the pics.

A desperate construction worker reluctantly accepts a job with the ruthless real-estate broker who evicted him and his family from their home.

23 Jun 17

A formidable actress, Laura Dern has been working in Hollywood since age 5. At 13 years old, the daughter of icons Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern became the youngest Miss Golden Globe and soon thereafter earned critical acclaim with her breakout role in Blue Velvet. The 1986 film also marked the first time Dern and director David Lynch would work together throughout her career, a pairing that continues with Twin Peaks’ celebrated return on Showtime.

Known for her highly emotive face, Dern built a diverse and award-winning career as a working actress in the decade following Blue Velvet. She starred in Wild at Heart, her first reunion with Lynch; earned her first Academy Award nomination for Rambling Rose; and found blockbuster success as Dr. Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park. On TV, she picked up two Primetime Emmy nominations for roles in Afterburn and Fallen Angels. Then, in 1997, she played Ellen DeGeneres’ love interest in the two-part coming out episode of Ellen.

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22 Jun 17

Many people thought they had “Big Little Lies” pegged after HBO aired the first episode of the limited series in February. Soapy whodunit. Bitchy behavior. Mommy wars. Privileged women. Impossibly gorgeous homes.

The series invited those judgments and then proceeded to methodically upend them, delivering a nuanced look at motherhood, domestic abuse and, yes, the ways that knee-jerk assumptions can be wrong, damaging and self-sabotaging. Ultimately, it’s about a group of women finding solace and strength in each other.

That dynamic played out among the cast, as we learn from a long conversation with “Big Little Lies” stars Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. In the series, Witherspoon plays Madeline, the community’s queen bee, who clashes with Dern’s steely career mom, Renata. Kidman plays Celeste, envied, elegant, but hiding a secret life of violent abuse.

These actresses adore one another and, in between Dern and Witherspoon planning a vacation together and stories of Dern’s dad, Bruce, visiting the set (“It was a scene with a lot of profanity,” Dern remembers, laughing, “and I think he brought out the best in us”), they spoke about what made the series so special and why they’re eager to bring it back for a second season.

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