Common cold signs sometimes develop about one to a few days after exposure to cold-causing viruses. Like influenza A and B, these viruses are present in people. But influenza C viruses are milder and don’t cause epidemics.


That can lead to sinus or ear infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia. The flu also can worsen preexisting medical issues, similar to triggeringasthmaattacks in individuals with bronchial asthma.

When to Seek Medical Attention From a Doctor


  • However, it is potential for the flu to happen and not using a fever.
  • Both seasonal flu viruses (which embody influenza A and influenza B viruses) and COVID-19 are contagious viruses that cause respiratory illness.
  • A huge difference between influenza B and influenza A is that influenza B sometimes comesafter influenza A, hitting later within the season around springtime.
  • Children and other people with weakened immune methods could also be contagious for a barely longer time.

Children are likely to have higher temperatures than adults, starting from 103°F to one hundred and five°F. Flu in preschool children and infants is hard to pinpoint since its symptoms are so just like infections caused by other viruses. SCAN is a surveillance program and not a scientific service. The function is to take samples from the neighborhood and construct a model for the way COVID-19 is moving by way of our region.


Our primary goal is to first understand where the virus exists in our area and how it is spreading. SCAN will provide results and recommendation to individuals who check optimistic to decrease the chance of spreading the an infection. However, SCAN has restricted testing capability and isn’t an alternative to checking in together with your healthcare provider. If you don’t feel well or suspect you may need COVID-19, keep home, contact your healthcare supplier and observe public well being steering. If cold or flu signs persist or worsen, the affected person may have a secondary or bacterial an infection.

As the worst-case scenario precaution, the city of half a million people, just 19 kilometers from Seoul, is about to be sealed off. Meanwhile, infectious disease specialist In-hye and rescue employee Ji-goo go into the closed city to find the blood serum of the index case, a crucial part of creating the vaccine. Flu symptoms at school-age children and adolescents are similar to those in adults.