Dental sedation can be scary. However, sedation at the dentist can be to help manage your pain or to give you peace of mind. There are many reasons why a person may need dental sedation. Even the best sedation dentistry will tell you there are both minor and major procedures that may require you to have anesthesia. There are a few ways in which you can prepare for your sedation, so you are ready for your appointment and get home safely afterward.

Drink Fluids & Empty Stomach 

The day before, it is important that you stay hydrated. This means that you should aim for 8 glasses of water the day before your dentist appointment. You will not be allowed to drink or eat anything the day of your dental appointment, so it is important that you arrive fully hydrated and prepared.

You should also remember to not eat anything after midnight the day leading up to your sedation appointment. This will ensure that your stomach is empty for the procedure. The reason that most dentists will tell you to avoid eating anything leading up to your appointment is to avoid feeling nausea. You may feel nausea if you have food on your stomach after you are given the anesthesia.

Wear Clothing that is Comfortable

Planning to be sedated at your dentist’s office is similar to planning for a flight on the airplane. Only this time you can be certain there will be no toddlers kicking your seat behind you. As any traveler knows, it is imperative to wear comfortable clothing, so you can enjoy a flight nap in your chair.

Even if you will be arriving at your appointment directly from work, you need to make sure that you change clothes or are already wearing something that you know you can sleep comfortably in for a long period of time. Avoid waistbands that are binding, and seams that are scratchy. You should also avoid wearing stiff garments, since they can become wrinkled easily. You should also make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

Have a Ride Home

Even though comfort is extremely important, you should also make sure that you have a ride home, since sedation after a dental procedure is no joke. If you drove your car to your appointment, you need to make sure you are picked up and can come back and get your car the next day.

This is why it is ideal for you to arrange this in advance. You need to have someone drive you there and take you back home afterward. Bring a relative or a friend to be your designated driver. Even though your relative or friend may be waiting for some time, inform them to bring a book or something else to keep them occupied for the time being. You may also be able to get the assistance of home healthcare services if you do not have anyone else available to help you after your procedure.

Leave Your Day Open

Make sure that you do not make any big plans for the remainder of your day following your dental sedation. Even sedation treatments that are mild will have you awake the rest of the day. However, you should not operate machinery or do anything that requires you to use your brainpower following your appointment.

Plan your dental appointment a day when you know you can take the rest of the day off. Go see a movie afterward, or spend time with friends and family. Just make sure that you avoid going back to work or trying to drive.