Carrying a concealed weapon can be uncomfortable at first, but choosing the right clothing can significantly improve your comfort, encouraging you to carry your weapon consistently. You want to choose clothing that easily conceals your weapon while allowing easy access to your weapon in case of emergency, such as a concealment vest.


Some shirts offer a loose style that conceals your weapon while providing easy access to said weapon. For example, they may allow easy access to common carrying areas, such as the waist and chest.

In addition, consider wearing an undershirt to protect your weapon from sweat-caused corrosion. Undershirts also protect you from chafing. Undershirts should be made of comfortable material, such as a light cotton, and can be tight against your skin.


In addition, choose pants that are a little loose (1-2 inches larger) in the waist if you carry inside your waistband. Those who carry at the ankle should also avoid skinny jeans, choosing either straight-leg or boot-cut pants. Their pants should also be made of medium- to heavyweight fabrics because they do not tend to drape over obstructions, but around them.


Layering is another great way to conceal a firearm. For example, you may wear a loose blazer, sweater, shawl-like shirt, vest or other loose, lightweight jacket over any type of shirt, including tight or tactical shirts. As long as the layers are heavy and loose enough, they will disguise your weapon.


Clothing that is one color tends to show lines and creases, while clothes with bold, inconsistent, irregular patterns hide these lines. These patterns trick the eye, disguising protrusions, drawing your eye away from a hidden weapon. However, avoid consistent patterns, such as stripes, which may be disrupted by the weapon sitting on your waist.

You can always mix tactical or concealed carry-specific clothing into your wardrobe, but you can also use clothing you already have or build a wardrobe of comfortable, stylish clothing that will allow you to carry concealed every day.

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