Cannabigerol (CBG) is the primary source of all six known cannabinoids. So it is not surprising to learn that it could just be the best of them all. Cannabigerol acid is the substance from which all cannabinoids are derived. Cannabigerol oil contains less than .03 percent THC but contains terpenes and other medicinal elements that make it potentially the best CBD derivative.

Mature hemp and cannabis plants contain only about 1 percent Cannabigerol. So mature plants are not a primary source of it. Instead, it is harvested from very young hemp and cannabis plants that produce Cannabigerol in greater quantities. The cannabigerol oil is made by extracting the CBG using hexane or benzene. Some terpenes could be added to help deliver a more medicinal effect for users.

Current medicinal uses include fighting insomnia, reducing anxiety and enabling appetite. Because it is non-intoxicating, there are no concerns about potential addiction or abuse. Medical researchers are still trying to understand the medicinal benefits of CBG, but several potential uses have been identified.

They include fighting glaucoma, cancer and bowel disease. It could help to defeat Huntington’s disease, bacterial infections and bladder dysfunctions. Preliminary studies are promising, but they need much more research to confirm the medical applications and to unlock more.