Who does not want to live a normal life, where one can play, smile, laugh, run, cry, and what not? But some times are not always the same. People suffer from conditions that act as fetters on their feet, as smoke over their breathing emotions. Incontinence is one such condition. It is when one holds no control over either their urine, or their bowel movements. However, there are products out there that help one live a normal life again. But know that these products are not the treatment. These products are not cure! They are the solution to the war but are sort of bunkers to hide oneself from the shells. Take incontinence pads, for e.g. Confidenceclub men pads Australia: they help you soak the urine that you hold no control over. But what are the rest of the options?

Here we put before you a list of all the possible products that could help you deal with this nightmare.

Products to deal with incontinence.

These products either come in form of clothing that absorbs urine, or they manipulate your urinary system. Here we divide them accordingly.

Incontinence products in form of pads and guards:

  • Diapers: You sure must have heard of it. They use a superabsorbent material that swells up at the contact of liquid, thus soaking it completely. Know that diapers come in different absorbing capacities.
  • Pull-up Pants: They are the simpler version of diapers and act like an underwear. All you need to do is to pull them up as you wear an underwear.
  • Pads: They usually get used for mild conditions. One can also use it as a booster along with diapers or pull-up pants in case of severe incontinence. Do not use them solely if you leak some considerable amount of urine. Says Confidenceclub, men pads (Australia), too, should be used with some other major protection in case the condition is not mild.
  • Bedding Protectors: These are external sheets used to prevent beds or sheets from urine.
  • Drip Collector: Consider it as a small bag worn over your penis to absorb the small leaks. Worn over penis and held in place by close-fitting underwear, this only helps those who leak here and there in little amounts.

Incontinence products in form of tubes and devices:

  • Condom Catheter: A condom like sheath, a packet to collect your urine, and a tube acting as a bridge between these two. The bag that collects urine goes under your clothing. You won’t need incontinence pads with this.
  • Penile Clamp: Also called Cunningham Clamp, is a sort of clip that goes over your urethra and blocks the urine from coming out. It might be a little discomforting at first but most men get used to it later.
  • Pessaries: This device gets inserted into the vagina to hold the bulging organs like bladder or uterus. This product is used most in case of pelvic organ prolapse when weakened pelvic muscles fail to hold the organs that thus sag upon it.
  • Exercising Devices: Also called Kegel Devices or pelvic muscle exercise devices. They are available in the market to help one perform some exercises to strengthen those weakened muscles.
  • Portable Toilet: If your condition is worse and you want to use the toilet too, then there are portable toilets available in the market. These could be placed next to your bed.
  • Urinary Seal: These are used by women upon their urethral opening. These seals are used usually in case of stress incontinence.

How much these incontinence products should be used?

The first advice to people who use incontinence pants or pads is to not overuse them. People take pads for granted and become lazy. When efforts do not get put to regain control of urinary muscles, they go dormant. Advises Confidenceclub, men pads (Australia) thus should be used wisely. Try to go and urinate when you can. Doing Kegel exercises help to regain control. Try taking behavioral therapies too to get the psychological help.

If your condition is getting worse, surgical treatments are also available. But try to treat it without any surgery first.