If you notice more hair on your hairbrush or on your pillow, you’ll consider hair loss. However, actually, it might be because of hair fall and not hair loss. So before we start with natural solutions for hair fall, you would like to know the difference between hair fall and hair loss.  

Hair fall and hair loss- Know the difference  

“For a person, it’s normal to shed around 100 strands of hair each day. However, if an individual sheds more than the standard number on a day to day, then it’s a symbol of hair fall.” Says Dr. Shankar Sawant who is known for the best hair transplant in Mumbai. Technically, excessive shedding of hair or hair fall is understood as telogen effluvium. It’s mostly caused because of a stressor. It’s a short lived condition during which hair shedding stops on its own. Hence, your natural hair can regrow normally after 6 to 9 months.  

“Hair loss and hair thinning or balding has many causes. It might be because of medicines, heredity, poor diet, underlying health conditions etc. In most such cases, you’ll got to undergo hair loss treatments or hair transplant for hair growth.” Says Dr. Mohit Srivastava who is one of the best hair transplant doctor in Surat. As far as home remedies for hair loss are concerned, it always works for hair fall and not hair loss.  

Natural hair fall solutions  

When affected by hair fall, the first treatment option starts at home. Most of the people tend to swear by home remedies to stop hair fall and aid hair growth. But do these natural solutions for hair fall available online really work? Well, here is what our specialists has got to say about common hair fall remedies.  

1. Onion juice to stop hair loss  

Onion juice is one among the common home remedies for hair fall. Many of us believe it’s effective for hair problems like grey hair, thinning hair, and dry or brittle hair. Research studies have indicated that onion juice can help treat hair fall. Onions contain sulphur, which is required for the assembly of amino acids, proteins and collagen, which successively are needed for hair growth and stop hair loss.  

Applying onion juice on the scalp is understood to extend blood supply to hair follicles and thus, prevent hair fall because of hair thinning and promote hair growth. It doesn’t act as a cure for hair loss or pattern baldness also known as alopecia. Also, there’s no standard reference on the way to use onion juice for hair fall. 2. Hibiscus for hair fall  

Hibiscus is one among the foremost commonly used traditional remedies for hair fall. People claim that it’s wont to treat grey hair, stop hair fall & promote hair growth. Consistent with a study, the extract of hibiscus leaves and flowers help treat hair loss because it contains compounds that stimulate hair follicles, increase follicle size and increase hair growth. However, these studies were done on rats. There are not any research studies done on the effectiveness of hibiscus for hair growth in humans by using it as a paste or by adding the leaves or flowers to coconut oil like people usually do. 3. Eggs for hair growth  

Many Indian households use albumen to enhance the thickness of the hair and improve the feel. Most of the people believe that the high protein of egg whites alone can make hair stronger. There’s no scientific evidence to support that topical application of egg whites on the scalp prevents hair fall.  

But there are several studies which shed light on the very fact that eating eggs are often beneficial for hair growth and stop hair loss. This is often because, eggs are loaded with nutrients like biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E and folate, which are proved to assist in hair growth and stop hair loss caused because of nutritional deficiency. 4. Aloe vera as a hair fall remedy  

Aloe vera is additionally one among the commonly used natural hair fall solutions which is been used for several years. This traditional home remedy is understood to appease the scalp, condition dry hair, and reduce dandruff along side nourishing the hair follicles and improve overall hair health when rubbed over the scalp and length of the hair.  

However, there’s no known research study that proves the beneficial effects of aloe vera for hair growth and preventing hair loss.  

5. Coconut oil to stop hair loss and improve hair care  

Coconut oil forms an integral a part of hair care routine in almost every household in India. But does it have an impression on preventing hair loss? Well, research studies say NO. There’s no evidence which shows that copra oil promotes hair growth.  

However, there are studies that have shown the oil to enhance hair health and length. This is often because, it contains lauric acid , which penetrates easily into the hair shaft and thus, reduces protein loss from both damaged and undamaged hair when used as a pre and post wash treatment. 

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