If you’re an athlete, then you are likely familiar with the concept of “runner’s high“, that feeling of euphoria brought on by strenuous exercise. And you may have also experienced it while taking CBD oil for pain relief after a long run, or even just to relax muscles after your workout.

But if you’re not yet convinced that taking CBD oil can help improve your athletic performance, then consider the following list of benefits that may convince you to take cannabidiol regularly before hitting the gym.

1: CBD Oil Can Reduce Pain After a Workout

If you’re an athlete who struggles with muscle pain after strenuous physical activity, taking CBD oil 30-60 minutes before working out can help reduce that pain. CBD oil’s analgesic properties can help to soothe muscles and ease inflammation, which means you’ll be able to work out longer and harder without that nagging pain holding you back.

2: CBD Oil Can Improve Recovery Time

Recovery time is essential for athletes, especially those who participate in strenuous sports. If you’re a runner, for example, recovery time is important because it means you can run again sooner. CBD oil contains antioxidant properties which reduce the oxidative stress experienced from strenuous sports and help to improve recovery times.

3: CBD Oil Can Reduce Muscle Spasms

CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties not only help with muscle pain after a workout, but cannabidiol can also help to reduce muscle spasms. This is especially helpful for athletes who experience regular muscle spasms, as it can help to improve performance and prevent further injury.

4: CBD Oil Can Improve Focus and Concentration

Many athletes find that they need to be extremely focused in order to achieve peak performance. Unfortunately, distractions can often get in the way. CBD oil is known to help improve focus and concentration, which can be a huge benefit for athletes who want to stay on top of their game.