Adjusting the diet and adjusting it to the needs of the body’s activities, is the core of weight loss efforts. However, regaining weight after losing a little is a sign that the body is unable to maintain a stable weight. This is due to lifestyle factors and body physiological factors after undergoing a diet.

What are the causes of weight gain again?

The amount of calorie intake fluctuates

These are the things that are likely to contribute most to weight gain in people who are or have been on a diet. This is because the calorie intake that goes up in a short time will regain weight. When undergoing a diet, a person will reduce their calorie intake to below the usual amount, for example 1800 calories to 1500 calories. Then, after a period of decreasing, the calorie intake consumed returns to the normal amount (1800 calories) or even more. This is what makes weight gain back.

Weight gain tends to come back quickly because after a diet, your body has adapted to a small number of calories. From the previous example, if after the diet your body has been accustomed to the 1500 calorie needs, when your weight is normal and you return to 1800 calories, the body will receive more calories which will eventually be stored in the form of fat and cause weight gain. back.

You will gain even more weight than before the diet if you binge or eat large amounts of food after the diet. Diet may help you lose weight, but if you return to eating excessively, so will your weight.

Hormonal factors

Several hormones in the stomach, pancreas, and fat tissue are closely related to the process of regulating body weight, one of which is the process of stimulating food cravings in the brain. Decreased levels of fat in the body in people who are on a diet, usually followed by a decrease in the hormone leptin (functions to send messages to the brain when it is full) and a decrease in the hormone ghrelin (hunger stimulation). Although indirectly affecting body fat levels, these hormones greatly affect individuals in their individual consumption patterns

Lack of physical activity

Not doing physical activity in an effort to lose weight will increase the risk of body weight increasing again after experiencing a decrease. Without physical activity, it will be more difficult for your body to adjust your weight. If we consume excess calories after the diet is over, the excess calories will be stored and increase body weight. However, with physical activity, excess calories will be metabolized, thereby reducing stored calories.

How can you not gain weight again?

Gaining weight after undergoing a diet is normal. When we reduce our intake, the body will try to balance it back by consuming proven nutritional supplements which are the right choice. For those of you who want to buy Nutravesta proven, you can see several proven reviews from customers first.

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